Yahoo Messenger gets a facelift with “Livetext” as a new mobile app

The newest version of the age old Yahoo Messenger application is going to be launched as a new video chatting application that is sure to redefine the nature of chatting with your friends, and make you feel as if your friends are right beside you. The new application, known as Yahoo Livetext Video Messenger, will be going live in July and brings to you a wonderful new form and variety of video chatting to the users that is a wonderful combination of video calling with traditional text messaging, but there is no audio feed in this mixture of old age and new age concepts.

Yahoo Launched new mobile app "LiveText" -Image Credit: playtech.ro
Yahoo Launched new mobile app “LiveText” -Image Credit: playtech.ro

A spokesperson from Yahoo commented that the company researchers are conducting experiments with various experiences related to new products, that may satisfy the users in a variety of ways. They were mum on the specs of the application because they want to keep it a surprise. The new “Livetext” application is in no way going to be a replacement for the built in applications on a smartphone. As per Yahoo’s claims, this messaging and video calling app will be a perfect tool for staying in contact with your friends and family members. This one simple fact will draw in a lot of users almost every day. This application can also act as a solution to the whole “typing but not expressing properly” problem that many people face.

Speed and convenience have become the most important factors since the launch of the smartphones and other devices like tablets. People do not even communicate with their voices anymore. They simply send texts to others with the use of their fingers. Yahoo aims at bringing the old days back, when people used to talk face to face. It is a great thing to see your friend’s reaction when you give him or her some good news. The audio feed has been left out of this equation, because people barely find any free time in this fast paced modern world of busy schedules. The free Livetext app from Yahoo is free of charge, and runs on mobile network as well as on Wi Fi, and is aimed mainly at developing the concept of one on one chatting, thereby removing the problematic situations of a group chat.

Similar to FaceTime, Viber and Skype, the Livetext application allows video calling, but without any audio feed. Users can create their own profiles, which would give them a unique Livetext ID. Using this ID, you can locate your friends on Livetext. Chatting is the main agenda of the Livetext application, and that is what Yahoo is aiming at – the betterment of one on one communicative skills. No group chats are allowed on Livetext for this very purpose. People need to remember how to talk to a single person, and not an entire group of people. For now, Yahoo will be launching the Livetext app on the iTunes app store for Hong Kong, but US and global release dates will soon be announced for all global users.

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